Homborg Industrial Machinery can provide the following inspections for you.


  • Mobile
  • Permanent exhibition

The annual inspection is mandated by the Health and Safety Act under Article 7.4a

Emergency Generator:

  • Mobile
  • Permanent exhibition
  • With or without Automatic Transfer Switch

This annual inspection has been prescribed by most insurers in combination with a log.

Internal transport:

  • Forklift truck
  • Platform
  • Stacker
  • Electric Pallet Truck
  • Other materials handling equipment

The annual inspection is mandated by the Health and Safety Health and Safety Act under Article 7.4a


Both mobile and stationary compressors have to be inspected annually

  • Diesel-powered compressors according to Health and Safety Act Article 7.4a
  • Electrically driven compressors according to the NEN 3140

Fuel tanks:

Stationary aboveground storage tanks must be installed and connected in accordance with the requirements of the PGS 30, also there is a tank KIWA certificate and a KIWA installation certificate must be present. These tanks should be inspected every 15 years. In the presence of cathodic protection it must be inspected annually.

Mobile fuel tanks (IBC)

KIWA inspection

  • Every 30 months (21/2 years)
  • This inspection is required by law because of the environmental requirements of the PGS30 (formerly CPR 9-6). The 2.5 KIWA annual inspection is only applicable for IBCs with a KIWA certificate; this rule are all IBCs manufactured after May 15, 1996. These IBCs are recognizable by the KIWAKeur registration plate.
  • Every three years should have an introductory test IBCs for May 15, 1996. This inspection covers the complete internal and external condition, an air tightness test, a wall thickness inspection and corrosion measurement.


Due to the international transport arrangement VLG / ADR, there may, in accordance with the Ministry of Transport, at all times to maintain the quality of IBCs. The quality assurance program includes the following tests:

  • Every year 2.5: Airtight Test
  • Every year 2.5: Inspection external condition
  • Every 5 years: Replace gaskets
  • Every 5 years: Inspection internal condition
  • Every 5 years: Inspection construction and characteristic

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